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: the Hongkong company, which invests in a factory in Foshan, applies for the Clean Production Partnership Scheme with a maximum HK $190 thousand subsidy. Foshan - Hongkong cleaner production seminar held yesterday to encourage Hong Kong enterprises to apply for funding, a number of invited experts, business leaders also on-site exchange of cleaner production experience. the seminar was organized by the Municipal Economic and Trade Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of foreign trade and economic cooperation, the Hongkong Special Administrative Region government, the environmental protection agency and the Hongkong productivity council. maximum HK $190 thousand to finance it is reported that in April this year, the Hongkong SAR government to promote the practice of clean production of Hong Kong enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, developed a 5 year "cleaner production part cheap jordans for sale mens nership, investment of HK $93 million, funded enterprises on-site assessment, to carry out demonstration projects and verify the effectiveness of improvement projects. As long as the investment and construction enterprises in Foshan, after the application, you can get the appropriate funding, up to HK $more than 190 thousand." "This is the first time that Hongkong has promoted the clean production partnership program in Hong Kong's Foshan enterprises," said Ma Jianxiong, senior adviser to the environmental management department of the Hongkong productivity council". : at present, there are more than 5000 Hong Kong enterprises in Hong Kong, half of them are productive enterprises, and enterprises involved in metallurgy, leather, hardware, printing and dyeing, textile and other heavy polluting industries are as many as more than 1000." Deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of foreign Retro jordans for sale trade Xie Weixiong said, these enterprises also exist backward, weak technology, and promote enterprises to reduce costs and enhance the competitiveness of the use of cleaner production, to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. enterprise cleaner production concept to be updated however, some enterprises have outdated ideas and misunderstandings about cleaner production. "Many enterprises regard cleaner production as cleaning, and most enterprises do not understand cleaner production before the verification of cleaner production."." Qu Zhixian, head of Foshan economic and Trade Bureau, said that corporate leaders' understanding of cleaner production is particularly important because they are often the sponsor, organization and regulator of cleaner production. general manager of Foshan Hong Yu Environmental Technology Co., Yang Aimin also believes t cheap jordan shoes for men hat the enterprises to do the clean production as to cope with the behavior of the government, the result is to spend money to do the work surface, but there is no benefit from. Cleaner production is different from the end treatment of pollution prevention, it is possible to all kinds of pollution from the source to the end of treatment; it is of high cost, and easy to produce two pollution, but the clean production is to reduce costs and bring economic benefits from the point of view, to optimize the production and management of enterprises, and adapt to new requirements the society for environmental protection. ) the policy of restricting imports by the government of Ecuador has a major impact on the development of its footwear industry. The data show that the first four months of this year, Ecuador imported shoes totaled $35 million 800 thousand, compared with the same period last cheap jordans online year's 46 million 100 thousand U.S. dollars, down more than 10 million. Ecuador international footwear and accessories exhibition on July 5-6, held in Quito, Ecuador, the footwear industry chamber of Commerce said last year, a total of more than 70 shoe manufacturers exhibitors, domestic business turnover of US $5 million. This year, with the government's favorable policies, the turnover is likely to climb another high. the government of Ecuador has actively developed industrial restructuring strategy; introduced measures to restrict imports of some products; at the same time, in order to ensure the implementation of the strategy, some sectors of the industry were given financial support. Up to now, the n (La Corporació Financiera Nacional) has invested or made loans to the domestic garment and footwear industry for the upgrading of equipment and technology in these indu Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping stries. (editor in chief: Asia shoes industry)[Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] world's leading sports brand Adidas debut Asian sporting goods and fashion show, passed its outdoor series professional brand image to the Chinese consumers. The four-day event attracted a large number of brands ISPO many countries and regions to participate, as the world's leading sports brand, Adidas has been committed to providing top-notch products and equipment for outdoor athletes and enthusiasts around the world to help they are faster, lighter, more agile athletic performance to challenge the outdoor extreme sports. The ISPO exhibition Adidas set up 200 square meters of exhibition, display products include footwear, apparel, accessories and many other product lines, including Adidas Outdoor Terrex world-renowned star product series, and many other high-tech outdoor products. As the star of the mo Cheap air jordan 12 ovo st popular outdoor Adidas product, Terrex products rely on a strong and stable protective and flexible lightweight design helps the wearer constantly challenge themselves, to enjoy the fun of outdoor sports. In addition, this exhibition Adidas also established a children's outdoor equipment area specially designed for children. Meanwhile, Adidas also invited to Sasha and ??? outdoor athletes from overseas, as well as the top five climbers from China Huangzhou Wen, Qu Haibin, Liu Yongbang, Xiao Ting and Chen Hui, in the field and fans to interact. Adidas outdoor brand has been committed to providing a more comprehensive, more professional products for outdoor enthusiasts. R & D team combines feedback athlete, using newer and better materials and technology, research and development of a completely reliable all-weather, full range of functional products, provide the most safe and comforta cheap jordans for sale ble protection for outdoor enthusiasts. Self-enter the Chinese outdoor market, Adidas outdoor products quickly won the favor of many outdoor enthusiasts. In addition, adidas also promote "whole-heartedly," the spirit of the movement, to encourage people to share the same passion, all out effort into the love of sport, and continue to challenge themselves, beyond their own. Mr Mak Yan Shi (Mr. Jens Meyer), vice president of Adidas Group Greater China sports performance series of marketing, said: "We are very excited to be able to showcase our products and commitment to this platform through ISPO BEIJING our growth in the Chinese market. The primary strategy is to create and enhance the Adidas brand, Adidas brand infinitely close to the consumer. Adidas has been committed to providing top-notch products and equipment for outdoor athletes and enthusiasts around the world to help them to ch Retro jordans for sale allenge the outdoor extreme sports, experience the "full investment, "the spirit of the movement, and constantly challenge, beyond their own." The Adidas outdoor landing in 2013 Beijing ISPO show, to provide consumers with a new platform, can be more detailed and in-depth understanding of the Adidas outdoor products, while at the ISPO show on consumers through the different test area to feel the performance of Adidas products. 2012 adidas Group in China set up the four outdoor specialty stores, and seven cities in outdoor theme roadshow, which also marks the determination to expand the adidas outdoor market in China. About the Adidas outdoor as the top brand for outdoor sports sector, adidas has been providing leading products and equipment for outdoor athletes and enthusiasts around the world to help them to faster, lighter, more agile athletic performance to challenge the outdoor ex Cheap air jordans for sale treme sports . Adidas also promote "whole-heartedly," the spirit of the movement, to encourage people to share the same passion, all out effort into the love of sport, and continue to challenge themselves, beyond their own. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)at the end of 2014, Nike on the Chinese version of the US, version and other online and offline online flagship store launched a customized version of the Zoom HyperRev iD 2015. And overwhelmed, as a pedestrian who star Paul George design of the team theme color also officially released, personal logo on the tongue also shows that the shoes master's identity. As is known to all, George as one of the stars of the Nike's endorsement team shoes, the most famous shoe will be last season's HyperDunk 2014. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please cheap foamposites pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: solecollectorCarter in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games on the unbelievable a buckle, always let people remember the ship UFO, also let Nike Shox become immortal myth. In order to extend the shoes fans crazy about Shox, the Nike design team is constantly modifying it, giving it more perfect technical framework, which is then returned to the stage. The following two new Nike Shox TLX MID SP, not only the black to show it to the enduring masterpiece, is adding many optimization in the upper gas column, is also equipped with Flywire fly line technology and dazzling 3M Swoosh, interested friends, please be sure to lock the latest follow-up report information. release date: June 26th nike-shox-tlx-mid-sp-01-960x640.jpg (68.34 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-20 09:15 upload nike-shox-tlx-mid-sp-02-960x640.jpg (41.87 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-20 09:15 Nike Shox, TLX upload, MID SP 00 city zoo area Deichman shoes in the advertisement is known as "the cleaning staff, the annual salary of 40 thousand sales head of the annual salary of 80 thousand - 100 thousand", attracted nearly ten thousand candidates, after the company responsible person paid just. the day before, Beijing Deichman investment Company limited by guarantee suspected of false propaganda by the West Branch Trade and industry investigation. website blog posted "high salary" job ads; May 10th, by a "Chinese free press" written by "the European shoe king" Deichman in the Chinese shoe city, 150 thousand recruits executives don't value education "the article appeared in the Sina blog. The article said that Deichman 'company recruitment site, 150 thousand annual salary of hired executives don't value degree, attracted more than 6000 national outstanding talent resume, to compete". the article also revealed that the company has invested heavily, with "European shoe king" Deichman as a blueprint, the introduction of the management concept and management mode, to create the largest professional retail shoe. The company's high salary commitment to employees has been filed in Beijing Xicheng District labor and Social Security Bureau, and all the employees' posts, salaries and recruitment numbers have been approved. ? ? trademark person reporting "high paying" companies have nothing to do with rights holders June 25th, West Branch Trade and industry received the German trademark rights of people complained that the Beijing Deichman investment Company limited by guarantee, the unauthorized use of the registered trademark rights "Deichman graphic trademark", and the company advertised as related to trademark rights of German companies. after receiving the report, immediately went to the West Branch Trade and industry Deichman Beijing investment Company limited by guarantee check, after investigation found that the company registered in May 29, 2006, by the three Zhejiang nationality of natural persons founded a limited liability company, without any association with Germany Seaman wearing the trademark rights of people. ten thousand applicants for fill in the registration form and pay 20 yuan according to law enforcement officers, the company has received tens of thousands of people come to candidates, law enforcement officers asked Zhang to come to a job, they said, "someday, high wages and good benefits, and is a)

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